October 4, 2016

The Hario V60 Electric Grinder: What’s the Buzz?


Let me guess: the words “Hario grinder” make you picture a small, hand-held grinder. Well, think again, because the Japanese company recently launched their first electric offering for the specialty market: the V60 Electric Grinder, aka the EVCG-8B.

Sleek and affordable, it’s been designed with the V60 in mind – but with 44 grind settings, it’s suitable for a wide variety of brewing devices.

We’ve rounded up three videos introducing and reviewing this machine. Watch to discover what the buzz is all about.

Introducing the Hario V60 Electric Grinder

In this official video, we see some of the specs and get a glimpse of how intuitive Hario has set out to be.

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But that’s what Hario thinks… what about the users?

Reviewing the Hario V60 Electric Grinder

At SCAA 2016, Prima Coffee Equipment quickly demonstrated the grinder in use. In addition to its many grind settings, they look at the hopper, burrs, and tamping pad.

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For a more detailed (and glowing) review, on the other hand, check out The Girl in the Café’s video below. She recommends the V60 electric grinder for home users and/or cafés that mainly make espressos.

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Will the V60 Electric Grinder make it into your kitchen or café? Let us know!

Feature photo credit: Hario

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