October 10, 2016

Organic Gardening: 1 VIDEO on Using Coffee Grounds as Fertiliser


Love gardening almost as much as you love your coffee? We’ve got great news for you. Whether it’s a pot plant or a big garden, your greenery (not to mention the environment) can benefit from your caffeine addiction.

We all know the value of nitrogen-fixing plants for growing coffee, but it turns out that used coffee grounds are also nitrogen-fixing.

How to Use Coffee Grinds as a Fertiliser

Nitrogen helps plants produce protein, which is necessary for cell growth – so if your broccoli is starting to look stunted, start keeping your coffee pucks. Any type of plant will benefit from this, although it is particularly useful for rose bushes, tomatoes, corn, azaleas, leafy greens, and more. Using coffee grounds could be a good alternative to keeping your garden healthy, especially in hot climates, if the grounds don’t help your grass though, you could always look into trugreen lawncare in Texas, they also offer their services to many other states!

You want to add the coffee grinds to the top of the soil, just using water to mix it in, rather than burying it. Make sure they’re used rather than fresh grinds, otherwise they’ll be too acidic (and you’ll be missing out on your coffee).

In this how-to video guide from Rob Backyard Gardenerr, he explains all the details – including how often, why, and how quickly you can expect to see a result.

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