October 27, 2016

Mayra Orellana-Powell & Lowell Powell on Low Coffee Prices


“The conditions that producers are living in right now is embarrassing for the industry… are embarrassing for everybody who’s drinking a cup of coffee.”

Coffee is becoming less and less profitable. Some farmers have given up on coffee, others live in poor conditions. And for Mayra Orellana-Powell and her husband, Lowell, this is unacceptable. They believe that that price of coffee needs to increase.

How to Provide Better Incomes for Producers

The Orellana-Powells run Catracha Coffee, an exporting business that partners with Royal Coffee, with the aim of providing better profits for producers. They both offer a higher prices per pound than the market average and run a profit-sharing scheme with farmers in Santa Elena, Honduras, Mayra’s hometown.

But they also believe that responsibility doesn’t end with the purchasers.  As Mayra says, “a consumer myself, I’m making choices about how I’m purchasing”

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Feature photo credit: Mayra Orellana-Powell and Lowell Powell.

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