September 1, 2016

VIDEO Guide: What Does a Kenyan Agricultural Officer Do?


Mageline Owiti is an Agricultural Extension Officer in Kenya. In 2014, the East African country had an estimated 5,000 such officers, all of whom work to support farmers in the production of various crops.

Mageline, who Lutheran World Relief filmed discussing her role, has a diverse workload. Even though coffee may be one small part of her responsibilities, there’s a lot of different tasks for her to do.

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The Responsibilities of Kenya’s Agricultural Extension Officers

Mageline works to teach coffee producers how to produce better crops and bigger yields. She shows them to plant and transplant seedlings, look after a nursery, weed, take care of the nutrition of their plants, mulch, prune and stump, and more. Farmers who have learned from this training then teach others.

Cooperative leaders also receive training, learning about financial management, business planning, and factory and infrastructure maintenance.

Lutheran World Relief have also been working with Mageline, and this project has seen the arrival of new milling equipment, drying beds, and fences and locked gates – important for preventing theft.

This has had a huge impact on the community, both financial and social. As Mageline says, “If farmers can produce high quality, we believe it can greatly change their lives.”

Find out more in this video from Lutheran World Relief:

Feature photo credit: Lutheran World Relief

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