September 26, 2016

VIDEO: Growing High-Quality Robusta Supports Farmers in Ecuador


Taza Dorada Robusta: Ecuador’s Golden Cup for Robusta coffee. We’ve written before about the impact that specialty-grade Robusta can have for the industry.

Now let’s look at the impact it can have on coffee farmers. 

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Specifically, let’s look at the impact on the 1500 farming families near the Colombian-Ecuadorian border, 1100 of which contain Quechan women and 400 of which are refugees.

CRS Borderlands: Empowering Through Robusta

Borderlands is a CRS (Catholic Relief Services) project to help these families gain a stable, economic livelihood. Through providing training and support on how to grow Robusta, they provide financial empowerment as well as a career.

As Diego, a refugee, says: “It improves our lives, provides us with work and good income.”

The training includes how to prepare the land, take care of the soil, stump and prune, selectively harvest, sort and depulp, process the Robusta, and even how to market themselves. There’s an emphasis on the growing of high-yield plants as well as on high-quality cultivation.

They’ve achieved organic certification, worked to support a women’s association, and now the Taza Dorada Robusta suggests a way for the producers to earn good prices for their hard efforts.

Find out more in this video:

Feature photo credit: CRS Borderlands, Janneth Peñaherrera

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