September 15, 2016

VIDEO: Bread and Coffee – Two Seeds in a Cherry?


Coffee and cake. Bread and butter. But not coffee and bread – right? Well, according to La Cabra Coffee Roasters, wrong! For them, bread is the perfect item to pair with coffee – because bread and coffee share a lot in common.

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Bread and Coffee: A Common Ritual

“Quality coffee and bread are part and parcel of rituals that can be elevated from basic necessities to habit-altering experiences,” Ben Evar of La Cabra tells us. “Bread is so much more than nourishment… Bread has been at the core of daily communal rituals throughout history and across the globe, and good bread can elevate that experience to a qualitatively different plateau.”

And high-quality bread? It’s just like specialty coffee – “much like eye-opening specialty coffee experiences, when we do have a fleeting encounter with sublime bread, it can change the way that we think about quality forever”, Ben says.

Pairing Coffee and Bread

Bread is delicious in its own right. And specialty coffee – what could be better than that? But if you’re looking to enhance your morning coffee even further, try pairing it with bread that will accentuate the flavour profile. Drinking a spicy coffee? Why not slice up a spiced fruit bread? Or perhaps you’d prefer something a little lighter to go with your acidic, fruity light roast. There are plenty of options…

And if you feel like getting even more adventurous, why not bake one of those breads that are traditionally made with coffee – like an Irish rye bread – and drink it with the very same coffee?

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With thanks to La Cabra Coffee Roasters, and in particular Ben Evar and chef Lasse Tronhjem, for chatting to us about bread.

Feature photo credit: La Cabra Coffee Roasters

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