September 8, 2016

Tim Schilling and Mery Santos to Present at World Coffee Leader’s Forum (WCLF)


The World Coffee Leaders Forum (WCLF): three days full of speeches by industry leaders on topical subjects, networking, coffee diplomas, and more. And it’s all in the seriously cool city of Seoul, South Korea, during Café Show – attended by a whopping 140,000 people last year.

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Mery Sentos IWCA Coffee & Women

Speakers at WCLF

Topics include Coffee & Science, Gender Equality in Coffee, The New Flavour Wheel & Sensory Lexicon, and Good Coffee VS Delicious Coffee.

As for the speakers, they include Tim Schilling of World Coffee Research, Mery Santos of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, and Emma Sage of the SCAA. Chris Hendon, the MIT scientist who specialises in coffee, will also lead a session entitled Over the Bean: Water and Grind, while Yannis Apostolopoulos, Vice-President of the SCAE, will discuss the relevance of SCAE and SCAA merger to Asia.

Tim Schilling WCR coffee science

And that’s not even mentioning the in-depth presentations on up to five different producing countries, in addition to the World Coffee Tasting Sessions. Oh, and the chance of bumping into Perfect Daily Grind.

The event promises to be educational for both participants and observers, to provide new ways to consider doing business, and to further innovation and creative problem-solving.

Chris Hendon Water & Grind

Early bird registration for the World Coffee Leaders Forum 2016 is now open. Register today for discounts of up to 50% off.

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