September 20, 2016

Origin Insight VIDEO: Growing Coffee From Seed to Harvest


When do you take coffee plants from the nursery to the farm? What do you first plant coffee seeds in? How long will you wait between flowering and the coffee harvest?

Coffee farming requires more than just hard work. It also needs specialist – and often technical – knowledge, even if coffee is just one of several crops for the farmer.

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One Farmer’s Methods

The Colombian Coffee Grower’s Federation (Fedecafé) run the Colombian Coffee Hub, a depository of farming information, coffee stories, and more. They’ve shared how Luis Alirio Ríos Marulanda’s grows coffee on his farm.

It begins with burying the seeds in washed and disinfected sand, and ends with selective picking. He explains more in this video demonstration:

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Feature photo credit: Lilibeth Serrano, USFWS, via Wikipedia

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