September 2, 2016

From Juan Valdez to the Moon Landing: Iconic Colombian Coffee Ads


Colombian coffee ads aren’t just a piece of marketing; they’ve also entered pop culture.

Juan Valdez is a sombrero and poncho-wearing fictional coffee producer who has appeared in the Colombian national coffee association Fedecafé’s commercials for over sixty years. He’s become a sign of 100% Colombian coffee, and is so famous that he and his mule Conchita even have their own Wikipedia page.

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Colombian coffee ads have been known to also poke friendly fun at the British…

….And now Café de Colombia are taking a humorous look at the importance of coffee to US Americans.

As Café de Colombia says, “Behind humankind’s greatest moments, we believe that something special might have been brewing.” And with that in mind, who does deserve to be celebrated more – Neil Armstrong or Juan Valdez?

Feature photo credit: Café de Colombia

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