August 10, 2016

Why You Can’t Predict Coffee Plant Quality: A VIDEO Explanation


There are some things we take for granted in the specialty coffee world. Extraction is important in brewing. A Geisha is better than a Robusta. Processing methods affect the final cup profile.

Yet there are also some things we can’t take for granted. Because even when we have two coffees that are the same – the same varietal, cultivated on the same farm at the same altitude, picked at the same level of ripeness, and processed, roasted, and brewed in exactly the same way – there’s still no guarantee that they’ll be of the same quality.

Outside factors might affect the quality of the plant. One might be slightly better packaged during export. Another might have just a little more shade.

But in addition to that, some plants are just of a superior quality to others. In this short clip courtesy of Finca Cazador, we can see how some plants just grow better than others – even when they’re only one week old.

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Farming isn’t easy, folks. It’s an unpredictable business, with success dependent on not just specialist knowledge, good health, and hard work, but also on the weather, the state of global coffee prices, and on the varying quality of coffee plants.

Which makes our daily cups of coffee even more precious.

Feature photo credit: Finca Cazador

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