August 11, 2016

Perfect Daily Grind Launches Coffee Jobs Exchange/Internship


Ever wondered how much more you could learn about the coffee industry by working in a café, roastery, or farm in another location? Or what a visiting barista or roaster could bring to your business? Now you can find out.

Perfect Daily Grind is proud to help facilitate a transparent coffee industry in which individuals can work together to exchange knowledge and skills – no matter where in the world they may be based. And so we’re launching the PDG Coffee Jobs Exchange/Internship. Read on to discover what this is, why you should participate, and how to get started.

Read about the Coffee Jobs Exchange/Internship in Spanish.

Two female baristas are behind the bar in a coffee shop

Learn more about the coffee industry by working in another country. Credit: Nate Robinson @ucfnate

What Is the PDG Coffee Jobs Exchange/Internship?

There are two parts to this initiative: the PDG Coffee Jobs Exchange and the PDG Coffee Internship. Both will help to connect members of the specialty coffee industry and further the spread of knowledge.

The PDG Coffee Jobs Exchange: Two coffee professionals with equivalent experiences and skills will, with their employer’s permission, switch workplaces for a period of 4+ weeks.

The PDG Coffee Internship: A coffee professional or coffee lover will gain experience of a new part of the coffee industry by interning at a café, farm, roastery, or coffee organisation for 4+ weeks.

Woman in coffee warehouse

Imagine what you can learn when you work somewhere new. Credit: Nate Robinson @ucfnate

Why Take Part in the Coffee Jobs Exchange/Internship?

We’re dedicated to revealing the story behind the cup, and we know that exchanges and internships such as this will further that mission. This initiative will make the coffee industry more transparent; it will foster global collaboration, and thereby help create answers to the issues facing coffee today; and it will build more appreciation for how wonderful coffee and all of the people in coffee are.

And as we begin to launch Perfect Daily Grind in Spanish, we’re ideally situated to reach consuming and producing countries. In this way, we can help build a bridge between the two halves of the coffee world.

But that’s why we’ve decided to launch this initiative. As for why YOU should take part, the answer is clear.

Female barista behind the till smiling

You’ll learn, build relationships, and have fun. Credit: Nate Robinson @ucfnate

For visiting coffee professionals:

Broaden your knowledge of the coffee industry as you discover how similar business operate in different areas of the world, serving different customers with different equipment and products. Learn from people you’d never otherwise have the opportunity to. Make international connections and participate in debates within the industry on a global scale.

For visiting interns:

Learn about an area of the coffee industry you’ve yet to discover. Help improve your CV, build valuable relationships, and explore another culture, all while getting to immerse yourself in the world of coffee.

For hosts participating in an exchange:

See your staff develop as they’re exposed to new ideas, work practices, and challenges. Simultaneously, you’ll benefit from the addition of an experienced coffee professional from another company: someone who can bring in new ideas and help teach your other staff members new ways to work. Gain international contacts, help customers understand the way the coffee supply chain works, and reward dedicated team members.

For hosts with interns:

Inspire the next generation of coffee professionals, and simultaneously help promote an awareness of specialty coffee and its challenges. And even while you’re training your intern, you’ll still benefit from their skills and expertise – whether that’s translation, social media marketing, web design, or something else altogether.


Coffee is about connections. Credit: Nate Robinson @ucfnate

How Do You Find an Exchange or Internship?

First of all, we recommend checking out our FAQ for more information. Then, view available exchanges and internships on our Jobs Exchange Board.

Want to list an exchange or internship? See our example listing and how to download and submit a form here.

You can also make your way to our Coffee Jobs Exchange area from the Perfect Daily Grind homepage:

The Perfect Daily Grind homescreen, with the Jobs Exchange Board highlighted

Find the Jobs Exchange Board on the PDG homepage, above the PDG logo.

With a Coffee Jobs Exchange/Internship, everyone benefits: the visiting barista, roaster, or coffee lover; the host organisation; and the entire coffee community.

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