August 24, 2016

Mejor de Nariño: A Specialty Coffee Auction Comes to Nariño, Colombia


This August, a specialty auction is coming to Nariño, Colombia: Mejor de Nariño. We’re talking 5 days, 20 coffees, and the culmination of years of hard work.

So what is Mejor de Nariño, and what does it mean for Colombian coffees?

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Viiew of coffee farms in Tolima

A coffee farm in Tolima, where last year’s Mejor de… auction took place. Credit: InConexus

Nariño’s Coffee Scene

Nariño is an area in the southwest of Colombia, bordering Ecuador. With coffee growing as high as 2,300 m.a.s.l., a varied climate, and rich soil, Nariño has the ability to produce spectacular coffees – the only difficulty lies in ensuring farmers receive sustainable incomes from them.

InConexus, a direct trade exporter, runs several projects in this region. Their aim is to make coffee farming here as sustainable and high-quality as possible. Currently they are working on the implementation of agroforestry systems that will protect the region’s soil and water sources without diminishing farmers’ productivity or crops.

They have noticed an increase in the cupping scores of Nariño’s coffee. In June, scores averaged a respectable 85.75 – and they hope these scores will continue to grow.


Coffee bags from Tolima, as part of last year’s Mejor de Tolima. Credit: InConexus

What Is Mejor de Nariño?

Mejor de Nariño is the second “Mejor de…” event in as many years; last year, Mejor de Tolima promoted the high-quality coffees available in the state of Tolima despite the history of violence.

Over the five-day event, cuppings will be held to select the top 30, top 20, and top 10 coffees. Eight international judges will be responsible for this. Moreover, the producers of the top five coffees will receive an additional bonus.

InConexus has been working towards breaking down the boundaries between producers and roasters/exporters for 15 years. They hope that Mejor de Nariño will help create valuable connections and have a long-term impact.

Discover more about the success of Mejor de Tolima in this video:

Feature photo credit: InConexus

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