August 19, 2016

Learn How to Use 6 Brewing Methods in This 75-Second VIDEO


We love our toys in specialty coffee. And boy, there’s a lot of them. You could devote a whole cupboard just to the brewing devices (let alone the grinder, espresso machine, different kettles, scales, thermometers… oh, and don’t forget the coffee itself).

But with all these different brewing devices, sometimes it can get a bit confusing – especially if you have one old faithful you always go to, and then suddenly find yourself needing to use something else.

Luckily, AndOrange Motion Design have come to the rescue with this 75-second animation that breaks down six different brew methods: Moka pot, vac pot/syphon, AeroPress, French press, Chemex, and pour over. It’s as pretty as it is useful.

However, we should point out that although the video lists times, these are just estimates. Brew time varies depending on the grind size, water temperature and volume, and more – so don’t be afraid to experiment, especially if you find you prefer a shorter/longer period of extraction. After all, it’s you who’s drinking that coffee.

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Feature photo credit: AndOrange Motion Design.

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