August 5, 2016

How Ugandan Coffee Farmers Prepare Their Land: A VIDEO Introduction


Coffee farming isn’t easy. It requires back-breaking labour and also a lot of technical know-how. And that isn’t just restricted to knowing when the cherries are ripe, how to pick them, and how to process them.

Farmers need to know how, and when, to prepare their soil. This isn’t as easy as it might sound – especially if a farm is organic. From digging the right size holes to knowing the perfect time of year to start, there’s a lot that farmers need to think about even before the plants start growing.

In this video from Seeds for Development, a Ugandan farmer talks through his methods. It’s important to note that the process will be different in each country, region, and even farm – but some things reflect universal challenges, even if different places have different solutions.

For example, did you know that organic manure can burn plants if it’s too fresh?! That’s right: the high level of acidity can damage the precious coffee trees. But this farmer doesn’t just know how to prepare organic manure; he also knows what to do if you prepare it wrong and it does start burning your plants. Watch him explain it all.

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The amount of hard work that goes into bringing us our delicious coffees is incredible. Coffee is an art, a science, a labour, and a profession. And although manure may not be the most appetising thought, a farmer’s work is certainly something to mull over next time we sit down with a brew.

Feature photo credit: Seeds for Development

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