July 13, 2016

Your VIDEO Guide to 4 Types of Swan Latte Art


You’ve mastered the rosetta and the tulip, and now you’re looking to try some latte art that’s a little more adventurous. Well, you’re in luck, because today we’re looking at the swan.

Why learn how to pour a swan? For three reasons:

One, the swan’s a great intermediate-level latte art. It’ll build on your existing skills as, potentially for the first time, you combine different elements. Two, you’re actually creating pictures rather than shapes – get ready for those “oohs” of appreciation! And finally, when you start creating swans, you can be as creative as you want. There are many different swan designs, and no reason why you can’t create on your own.

So let’s get started! But remember, you’ll need to know how to pour a rosetta, tulip, and heart already. Check out our previous video guides if you’re not 100% confident with these pours already.

1. The Swan

Here’s the basic swan, as demonstrated by Ryan Soeder of Counter Culture Coffee. You’ll be pouring a rosetta for the body, a thin line for the neck, and then a heart for the head.

Isn’t that pretty? Now, some people like to make it a little more complex, by pouring…

2. Swan Lake

And no, we’re not talking about the ballet. We suggest that if you’re at that level, you consider trying out for the World Latte Art Championship rather than watching how-to guides on Perfect Daily Grind.

Instead, we’re talking about a swan in a lake. A tulip creates the water on which the swan sits. Dave Dource demonstrates this in this short-and-sweet clip.

If you want to get a little more alternative, though, you might choose to create our next pour.

3. Winged Swan

Wait, don’t all these swans already have wings? I hear you say. Yes, they do, but this next one is a striking variation. The swan has its wings outstretched and, rather than looking at from the side, we’re seeing it face on.

Here’s an example:

4. Kissing Swans

Finally, in what makes for some seriously impressive swan latte art, IKECCI demonstrate how to pour an adorable pair of swans. Frankly, we’re in awe.

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Feature photo credit: Howcast via YouTube

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