July 12, 2016

The Phoenix 70: A VIDEO Guide to One Very Scientific Brewing Device


What does the word “phoenix” conjure up to you? Magic, fire, vividly coloured birds? Well, think again, because if any two words were to describe Saint Anthony’s Phoenix 70 brewing device, they would be “scientific” and “minimalist”.

Its simple design gives it a remarkable elegance, yet don’t be fooled: complex calculations went into its creation. The “70” refers to the angle of the cone shape, which they claim is 10° more than the average 24-gram brewing device. This results in a 33% higher dry brew column that, since the water then has to travel further through the coffee, increases both extraction and clarity.

So what does the Phoenix 70 look like? Watch it in action here:

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It recently made an appearance in the World Brewers Cup, as the Champion of the Netherlands, Rob Kerkhoff of Keen Coffee, used it for his progress-themed presentation.

Sounds brewtastic.

Feature photo credit: Store Espresso

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