July 21, 2016

Japanese Kyoto-Style Cold Drip: A VIDEO Guide


Japanese Kyoto-style cold drip isn’t for everyone. It takes up to 8 hours to make 8 cups of it, the device takes up a serious amount of space on your counter, and it costs hundreds of dollars.

That being said, it’s both mesmerisingly beautiful to watch and known for its delicate, aromatic brews. Plus, eight hours is relatively short for cold brew/drip coffee.

It’s made by dripping ice-cold water through freshly ground beans, one drip per second. It’s an exercise in precision as much as it is in patience. You can also try varying the drip speed to affect the extraction rate – but be warned, because 0.5 seconds longer may not seem like much, but it adds up to an extra four hours.

See how it’s done in this short clip from Clive Coffee:

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Is it “practical”? Not exactly. Do we want one? Absolutely.

Feature photo credit: Clive Coffee

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