July 4, 2016

How Donating Roasters Can Help Farmers at Origin – In 1 VIDEO


Imagine a barista, serving hundreds of Americanos, lattes, and pour overs every single day, who’s never tried their own coffee. Crazy, right?

But for many farmers, that’s the reality of their lives. A large number of producers lack the equipment to roast and brew their own beans – and this isn’t just a gross disservice to them. It’s also a barrier to good coffee and good wages.

Without the ability to try their own product, a farmer is unable to accurately measure and improve its quality. They cannot taste how it varies according to environmental factors, or how different processing methods alter the final cup.

But if they could, they could then alter their farming practices based on the final cup profile. This would allow them to produce better, more profitable coffee – and therefore see a better of standard of living.

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Behmor Inspired, an initiative run by Joe Behm in partnership with Anacafé, is tackling this issue head on by donating Behmor Customizable Drum Coffee Roasters to co-operatives and training centres. To date, they’ve donated more than 235 of them, primarily in Guatemala but also in El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Burundi. In doing so, they’ve reached 30,000 people – but their goal is to reach 100,000.

Find out more about this initiative in this short video, which interviews producers, Anacafé, and Joe Behm.

Feature photo credit: Behmor

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