July 6, 2016

3 Winning World Latte Art Championship Performances


Love your latte art? Want to learn by observing the best? Then you need to look at the work of the past and present World Latte Art Champions. To help you out, we’ve gathered together videos of three winning WLAC routines.

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1. Um Paul, South Korea

The 2016 World Latte Art Champion is Um Paul of South Korea. It’s been a great year for East Asia, which can also boast of the World Barista Champion and World Brewers Cup Champion. An independent competitor, he themed his routine on the lyric, I Believe I Can Fly… – a choice that seems fitting, given how he soared into first place. Here are his designs:

Free pour: An angel
Design: Tinkerbell, with green and yellow accents
Macchiato: A baby swan

2. Caleb Cha, Australia

2015 Champion Caleb Cha represented Cafenatics Equitable Place, Melbourne. He not only gave a creative and well-executed performance, but also provided a thorough explanation of his techniques.

Free pour: A winged peacock – tulips created the tail and head, rosettas the wings, and love hearts added detail to the tail
Macchiato: A “love triangle” made of a tulip and three hearts
Design: A zebra holding a coffee – Caleb free-poured a rosetta for the body and head, then etched the face and coffee in

3. Hisako Yoshikawa, Japan

In 2013, Hisako Yoshikawa of  Ogawa Coffee demonstrated the value of composition: she made good use of the space between the elements to create aesthetically pleasing designs.

Macchiato: A tulip
Free pour: An 8-petal rose
Design: A bird

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Feature photo credit: World Coffee Events

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