June 17, 2016

Watch the 2016 World Brewers Cup Dublin via LIVE STREAM


Are you excited about the World Brewers Cup 2016? What about watching it live – wherever in the world you may be?

That’s right, you don’t need to be at World of Coffee Dublin to watch it – instead, you can view WCE and SCAE’s livestream of the whole championship.

This is the ultimate competition for celebrating the craft of hand-brewing filter coffee, and now there’s no excuse for missing it.

Rubens Gardelli, owner of Gardelli Specialty Coffee, is a previous competitor (2015) and coach/roaster/coffee sourcer and selector for 2016 competitor Veronika Veselá. For him, the World Brewers Cup is a fantastic experience: the stress and excitement of the performance, the feeling of seeing new competitors and old friends all in the same place, and the marketing value of having someone using his coffee in a world competition makes it something to look forward to all year round. In fact, he muses, maybe he should compete again in 2017…

When asked what he thinks the highlights of this year will be, he tells us that of course he’s looking forward to seeing Veronika Veselá’s performance – but he’s also excited to watch the 2015 Champion, Odd-Steinar Tollefsen, compete again. “I have a deep respect and admiration for Odd-Steinar Tollefsen,” he adds.

So get ready to see some excellent brewing in action as the judges decide who the World Brewers Cup Champion is for 2016.

Can’t watch it live? Check out our live reporting of the event here. Or have a look at our filter and barista sections for some brewing inspiration.

Feature photo credit: World Coffee Events

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