June 3, 2016

Swedish Coffee Rituals: What the FIKA? VIDEOS 2/6


“Tradition. Ritual. Coffee break.”

The opening line of Fabian Schmid’s web series sets the scene for an exploration of fika, a.k.a. having coffee in Sweden.

You may have heard of fika before, as someone tries to assure you that Swedish people have their own take on coffee – that it’s a social ritual, an act of appreciation, that’s just not the same in other countries. Yet the concept is hard to capture, so you’d be forgiven for not quite getting the difference.

Fortunately, Schmid’s dedicated six short videos to the art of fika. The first, featuring Swedish Barista Champion Steven Moloney, looks at what really makes this ritual unique. So grab a cup of coffee and see what it’s really all about.

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Schmid’s second video looks at the social aspect of this ceremony. From why coffee works as a social lubricant to who you should fika with and whether silence is a faux pas, he covers it all.

Enjoyed these two videos? Keep checking Schmid’s vimeo to see the final four videos in this series. And until then, why not call up a friend and invite them to fika?

Feature photo credit: Fabian Schmid

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