June 10, 2016

Sustainable Coffee Farming: A VIDEO on Why 1 Farmer Is Using Coconut Shells


What do you do if your soil is too dry? Well, if you’re Oscar Omar Alonzo, you start collecting coconut shells.

Oscar is a 100% organic coffee producer based in Honduras. And on his farm, Finca Cual Bicicleta, he’s adopted some unusual but highly successful farming techniques. One of these is his method for regulating soil humidity.

At a nearby lake, Oscar collects old coconut husks, normally considered to be rubbish. After removing any elements of plastic, he buries them beneath his coffee plants, where the fibres absorb moisture. And in doing so, Oscar ensures that there’s always a water source available for his plants. As an added bonus, the coconut husks also slowly release nutrients into the soil.

See his work in action in this short clip:

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Coconuts: delicious and great for coffee farming.

Feature photo credit: Avarind Sivaraj via Wikipedia.

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