June 16, 2016

Project Origin: A VIDEO Recap of the “Best Of” Awards and Auctions


There’s only one month to go before Project Origin: Best of Honduras Late Harvest, and we can’t wait. The coffees have been chosen, the flight tickets have been booked, and the organisers behind this NFP auction (which includes World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic) are getting to ready to sell the coffees – with a special offer for those purchasing samples.

Project Origin: Best of El Salvador was a phenomenal success. It led to price premiums and new producer-roaster relationships for business of all sizes, all around the globe. For some farmers, they saw a 480% increase in how much money they earned for their coffee: a seriously life-changing amount.

Take, for example, the Washed Champion Ever Leonel Díaz Pérez. His farm produces only 6–15 bags per year – and so he previously struggled to enter competitions. This left him with no choice but to sell his coffee for around $2 a pound to other producers. But in the Project Origin: Best of El Salvador Auction, he not only walked away a Champion but also sold his coffee for $9.60 a pound.

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We’re looking forward to hearing similar success stories from Honduras in just a few weeks, because it’s clear that Project Origin is here to stay.

Want to be a part of it? Roasters, importers, and exporters, find out how to order your discounted bundle of 39 coffee samples here.

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