June 21, 2016

Introducing Dublin: 3 VIDEOS on the World Barista Championship’s Host City


Heading to WOC Dublin? In between watching the World Barista Championship and taking part in the PDG coffee bag exchange, you should take some time to explore this friendly city. We’ve rounded up three videos that explain just why the Republic of Ireland’s capital is such a great place to visit.

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This clip shows some of the main sights, from Irish pubs to sculptures, and from gleaming bridges to a thousand-year-old cathedral. Safe to say, no matter what you want to find in Dublin, it’s there.

In our next video, one woman who temporarily made Dublin her home shares 11 of her favourite things about this place. We’re betting some of them will surprise you…

And just in case you weren’t looking forward to it enough already, we thought we’d finish off with a clip of Dubliners and tourists alike sharing what they love about the city. Shout out to the man at 3:29, whose favourite thing is that it has “great places for coffee”. Now that’s what we’re talking about!

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Are you excited yet? Because we certainly are.

Feature photo credit: Magroswelt

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