June 13, 2016

How to Make a Cappuccino with a French Press – In 2 VIDEOS


Fancy a cappuccino to start your day off? Only have a French Press in the cupboard? No problem – the French Press is one of the most versatile brewing devices in town.

Yes, that’s right: not only is the French Press ridiculously quick and easy to use, but you can make cappuccinos and lattes with it. Sure, it may not be as great a quality as you’ll get from your local specialty café, but if you’re desperate for a delightfully foamy coffee, this is a great option.

And today’s your lucky day, because we’ve found two videos to show you how.

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In our first video, the team at Aerolatte show you some of the tricks of the trade: how to prepare the French Press, how long to leave the coffee brewing for, and more. They finish the video by producing one black coffee and one frothy cappuccino from the same pot. Nice!

While they use a milk frother to produce that glorious foam, not all of us have one to hand. In this clip, the barista shows us how the French Press can also be used to froth up your milk – before using it to make some impressive latte art.

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So who’s ready for a cappuccino?

Feature photo credit: Aerolatte & Harold Import Co.

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