June 15, 2016

How Do You Process Swiss Water Decaf Coffee? 2 VIDEO Explanations


Love coffee? But feeling a bit caffeine-conscious? Decaf’s your answer – and you don’t even have to compromise on quality.

The rise of specialty-grade Swiss Water decaf coffee has been the answer to many of our prayers, whether we’re not a fan of caffeine or have simply had a few too many double espressos for today. Goodbye shaky hands and beating hearts, hello soothing brews full of that silky coffee taste and aroma.

But how do you remove the caffeine without removing the flavour? Watch these two videos to find out the story behind the Swiss Water® Process cup.

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This short clip breaks down the science behind the Swiss Water® Process to remove caffeine.

Curious about how the theory’s put into action? This behind-the-scenes video of a factory looks at how much time the decaffeination process takes, along with some pretty awesome shots of a working plant.

That’s a lot of time and effort to bring us a late-night cup of coffee.

Feature photo credit: SwissWater Decaf

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