June 6, 2016

Coffee Roasters: Order Non-Profit 85+ Auction Lots in 5 Steps


Coffee roasters, importers, and exporters, would you like to purchase 85+ non-profit auction lots? Well, we’ve got good news – you can do exactly that in just five easy steps.

Project Origin: Best of Honduras Late Harvest is only one month away, and the organisers behind this non-profit auction are getting ready to sell the coffees. To help you out, they’re offering a special deal for any interested buyers.

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ihcafe cupping coffee

What’s So Special About These Coffees?

There are 39 Honduran coffees up for grabs, and these aren’t just any old coffees. They were whittled down from 100 after being cupped by a team of international experts. And when we say experts, that’s exactly what we mean: they were led by Rony Gómez, the Head of International Quality Control at the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE).

All 39 are 85+ lots which were picked in April, May, or June. This means the range includes late harvest coffees, known for their incredible sweetness, complexity, and aroma.

And in just a few weeks, you could be collecting them from your delivery driver.

How to Order in 5 Steps

So if you want to bid on one of these 39 fantastic late harvest coffees, follow these steps.

1. Review the Samples

Have a look at the list below to see which coffees you’d like to try. We also recommend discussing the list with local roasters and importers to see if there’s any interest in sharing a lot.

Project Origin Best of Honduras Late Harvest coffees list

2. Sign Up to Cropster

All bidding will be done on Cropster. Sign up beforehand to make the bidding process quick and easy.

3. Order the Sample Bundle

If you want to try the 39 coffees before bidding, you can order a sample bundle for $250 inc. shipping before the 17th June.

3. Receive Your Samples

Your order will arrive within two weeks, at which point you can arrange a cupping and discover your favourites. This would also be a good time to decide how much you’d like to pay; the reserve price for each lot is set at $4 for 85+ coffees or $4.40 for 87+ coffees.

5. Log In and Bid

Then simply log in at 8 am on the 9th July and begin bidding. And good luck!

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