June 8, 2016

AeroPress Bundle & Horsham Coffee Tasting Selection Giveaway


Drum roll, please… It’s time for our summer giveaway!

We’ve partnered with AerobieHorsham Coffee Roasterand IMS Filtri to give one lucky winner a brewing bundle. Yes, that’s right – you have the opportunity to win one collection of goodies from three different coffee giants.

See below to enter this WORLDWIDE giveaway.

So what do you win?

1. Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress coffee maker revolutionised the coffee world when it was released ten years ago, and it’s still incredibly popular today. In fact, there’s even an international competition centred around it: the World AeroPress Championship. And it’s easy to see why – this device is easy to use, portable, and yields one of the smoothest, richest coffees that you’ve ever tasted. Get ready to brew like a Champion…

aeropress coffee maker

2. Horsham Coffee Roaster Tasting Selection (5 x 100g Bags)

Of course, we can’t give you a brewing device without giving you something to brew. In their own words, Horsham Coffee Roaster are “fanatically obsessed” about coffee quality. And on top of that, they only roast ethically sourced and fully traceable coffee. Whoever wins this bundle is in for a treat.

horsham coffee roaster tasting cupping selection

3. D63 UF3.5 AeroPress Filter & D62 SF15 AeroPress Filter

For a richer flavour and fuller body, there’s nothing better than using a metal filter. And now you’ve got the opportunity to win not just one, but two, of them. Specially designed to be used with an AeroPress, the D63 UF 3.5 and D62 SF15 give you even more precision in your brewing, allowing you to decide how flavourful, or how bright, you want your coffee to be.

ims filtri aeropress filter

So what are you waiting for? Enter today to be in with a chance to win.


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