May 18, 2016

Rainbow Latte Art: 2 VIDEO Guides to 1 Very Colourful Training Technique


There’s a controversial new type of coffee decoration in town: rainbow latte art. It’s been on social media, it’s been in national newspapers, and it’s been causing some pretty colourful responses.

But love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure: it’s a very useful training technique. One, food dye is cheaper than espresso. Two, it requires a lot of precision.

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So even if you’re not planning on serving it up to customers, baristas and barista coaches alike can benefit quite a lot from getting familiar with rainbow latte art.

This short and sweet clip demonstrates how to make a rainbow rosetta.

But perhaps you and your baristas are looking to learn something a little more challenging. Then this video is the one for you: it demonstrates the variety of rainbow latte art you can make, from Prince tributes to monochrome rosettas that, frankly, look more Tim Burton than Disney.

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Feature photo: Deri Defan

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