May 23, 2016

Discover How to Make Greek Freddo Cappuccino in 1 VIDEO


If you’ve been to Greece, you’ve no doubt tasted their freddo cappuccino. It’s one cool coffee topped with deliciously thick cream, perfect for the Mediterranean summer.

And if you came home and wished you could make it yourself, you’re not the only one.

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So how do you concoct this refreshing little drink? Well, we’ve looked on YouTube to find a video guide. Unfortunately it’s mostly in Greek, but the video makes all the steps clear.

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We’re pretty sure that this tasty beverage will take you right back to Greece’s sunny streets. And if you haven’t been, what’re you waiting for? Book yourself a ticket to Athens Coffee Festival 2017, and drink freddo cappuccinos to your heart’s desire.

Happy brewing!

Feature photo credit: Coffee Island

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