May 19, 2016

Coffee Made Easy: 3 VIDEO Guides to the French Press and the Clever


Want a good brew and want it fast? You should consider the French Press or the Clever. And while they’re relatively easy to use, a few tricks will help you perfect your brewing.

How much coffee do you use and for how long do you brew it? What temperature is best? To pre-heat to not pre-heat? We could keep going. But fear not, because we’ve trawled through YouTube to find all the answers.

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So where do we start? This clip will show you exactly what you need to use to brew sublime French Press coffee, and how to do it.

Our next stop compares the French Press with a more modest alternative. If you’re not a fan of the cafetière’s clean-up process, you may want to dip your toe into the world of the Clever.

Want to know more about the Clever Dripper? The second video might have piqued your interest, but Elemental Coffee will take you through the stages step by step.

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Feature photo: Atria Creative

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