May 16, 2016

Coffee in São Paulo, Brazil: 5 Recommended Specialty Shops


São Paulo is a vibrant metropolis that’s home to over 20 million people. In fact, it’s one of the world’s largest cities, but how did it grow so much? Yes, you’re right – coffee does have something to do with it.

The state of São Paulo has always been one of Brazil’s main coffee-producing regions, and it’s been a major factor in the expansion of the city.

Yet as specialty coffee shops spread over the city, the old love story between São Paulo and coffee is being reinvented. We’ve picked five of them for you to sample.

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Why These Five?

With so many fantastic cafés to choose from in São Paulo, it’s difficult to pick the best ones.

We’ve simply chosen a small selection of our favourites to give you a great feel for the specialty coffee scene in this lively city.

If you visit any one of them, you’ll be sure to find friendly staff, a warm atmosphere, and, of course, sublime coffee.

1. Isso é Café

Isso é Café is run by the producer of the coffee plantation Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF), and boy does it maintain their high standards.

It’s located in ‘Mirante 9 de Julho’ (one of the city’s newest cultural spots), and is only a few steps from busy Paulista Avenue and the São Paulo Museum of Art. The building was closed for 76 years, but it’s now been refurbished and plays host to all kind of cultural events.

Make sure to try Felipe Croce’s elegant and refreshing favourite – the Gold Brew. It’s made with the house’s cold brew, mead and ice and is served in a whisky glass. The mead is even made from FAF’s honey.

But don’t go in a hurry – this place won’t let you leave easily. Grab a coffee and enjoy the beautiful view of the city centre.

inside a coffee shop

Isso é Café serves a blend of quality coffee, architecture, design and good music.

Where Rua Carlos Comenale, S/N
Style Urban and beautiful
Espresso Machine La Marzocco Strada
Grinder Mahlkonig K30 (espresso) and Mahlkonig EK43 (filter)
Coffee Offerings Espresso, Kalita Wave and a variety of beans from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) and its partner farms
Must-Try Drink The famous Gold Brew
Food Cakes, blueberry muffins, cheesecake, pão de queijo (a literal translation for this Brazilian delicacy would be “cheese bread”), and some breakfast options
Retail Offerings A variety of roasted beans from FAF, mugs, the farm’s organic honey and little coffee plants in enamel mugs

barista making coffee
Cafezinho on its way to making somebody’s day.

2. Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab is a traditional café, barista school and sensory lab located in Vila Madalena – a trendy neighborhood famous for its bars and nightlife. But as soon as you enter, you’ll quickly forget about the world outside. Take some time to relax and enjoy the smell of fresh roasted coffee.

The best thing about Coffee Lab is that your coffee is prepared directly on your table. After choosing one (or many) of their beans and brewing methods, one of their fantastic baristas will come over and show you how it’s done. It’s a great opportunity to chat with them and improve your brewing skills.

If you want to go for something other than an espresso or filter, ask for one of their rituals and let the barista guide you through a mini sensory lesson.

Oh, and a word of warning: be prepared to fall in love with their coconut flan with coffee syrup.

people sitting in front of a coffee shop

Inside or outside? You will want to try both at Coffee Lab.

Where Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1340 – Vila Madalena
Style  Intimate and atmospheric; the outdoor plants add a nice touch
Espresso Machine La Marzocco FB80
Grinder Mahlkönig K30
Coffee Offerings A large variety of beans selected and roasted by Coffee Lab’s team
Must-Try Drink Shakerato – an espresso over sparkling water with lemony notes
Food Lots of cakes, Brazilian goodies, and – of course – their wonderful coconut flan
Retail Offerings The full coffee-lover’s arsenal: roasted beans, brewers, filters, mugs, grinders and books

barista working at a la marzocco

You can see into the kitchen in Coffee Lab. There are no barriers between the customers and the baristas.

3. The Little Coffee Shop

In a charming little corner of the Pinheiros neighborhood, you’ll find a special lady serving really good coffee. We’re talking about Flavia Pogliani – an experienced barista who’s turned a once ordinary corner into a meeting point for coffee lovers, neighbours and lucky passers-by.

The beans and roast profile have been developed exclusively for The Little Coffee Shop and are roasted by the nearby Sofa Café.

You could easily grab coffee to go, but it’s more of a coffee to stay kind of place. Chat with the visitors at the counter and enjoy your delicious brew.

customers waiting for coffee

You’ll definitely be drawn to the smell of coffee as you pass by The Little Coffee Shop. Credit: Juliana Ganan.

Where Rua Lisboa, 357 – Pinheiros
Style Easy-going and friendly
Espresso Machine Nuova Simonelli Appia Compact
Grinder Faema
Coffee Offerings Espresso and drinks
Must-Try Drink The espresso is the customer’s favourite – and some would say it’s the best in town
Food The lemon panna cotta and chocolate mousse are the highlights of the menu
Retail Offerings Brewers, filters, bottled cold brew, and the house coffee in the form of roasted or freshly ground beans

barista at workSimple and functional why complicate things? Credit: Juliana Ganan.

4. Beluga

Since its opening in 2014, Beluga has grown into one of city’s hippest coffee spots. Industrial and minimalist architecture give the place a clean, modern look, while the glass front keeps the street connected to the inside of the shop.

But it’s not all about the visuals. The light interior highlights the real star of the show – the coffee. Their selection of Brazilian beans will please all sorts of palates. Pick up an espresso or a filter and chill out. Or, to cool you down on warm summer days, choose the espresso tônica.

baristas working behind the bar

Beluga in a rare quiet moment.

Where Rua Doutor Cesário Mota Júnior, 379 – Vila Buarque
Style Cosmopolitan and urban – just like São Paulo
Espresso Machine La Marzocco GB5
Grinder Mahlkönig K30
Coffee Offerings Espresso and filter (V60 and AeroPress). The beans are roasted by Wolff Café
Roaster Espresso Tonica – espresso, tonic water and lots of ice
Food Pies, cakes, brownies, sandwiches and other goodies
Retail Offerings Brewers, filters, roasted beans, magazines, pottery and mugs

espresso tonic

Espresso Tônica: perfect for Brazilian summers.

5. King of the Fork

If you’re into coffee and bikes, then you’ve just found a place to call your own. The owners met when cycling and decided to open King of the Fork (KoF) in the Pinheiros neighborhood. The charming building has a cosy garden and is situated right next to a bike lane.

But don’t worry if you’re not a bike person. However you choose to get there, you’ll immediately feel at home. The beans are selected and roasted by Wolff Café exclusively for this little place, and  I recommend that you try one of their cold coffees.

Spoiler: the hardest part will be choosing between the front table or the backyard. It’s a great excuse for you to come back and try both.

king of the fork coffee shop facade

Outside or inside? One of the biggest dilemmas at King of the Fork. Credit: Piero D’Ávila.

Where Rua Artur de Azevedo, 1317
Style Cosy and inviting
Espresso Machine Nuova Simonelli Aurelia
Grinder Ditting
Coffee Offerings Espresso, drinks and filter (V60)
Must-Try Drinks Cold drinks are a must here – try the iced coffee or a cold latte
Food Cookies, cakes, sandwiches, toasts and much more
Retail Offerings Bike accessories, brewers, filters, grinders and house beans

 Iced lattes and ice cream being served

Looks like there’ll be some smiles ahead! Credit: Studio Alaska.

With such a variety of high-quality cafés, it’s clear that the specialty coffee scene in São Paulo is thriving. So what are you waiting for? Dive in with some great coffees.

Edited by H. Paull.

Feature Photo Credit: Nicolas de Camaret, Flickr

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