May 13, 2016

Coffee Flower Tea: A Specialty Coffee Product Explained in 1 VIDEO


You’ve tried coffee. You’ve maybe even tried cascara. But have you tried coffee flower tea?

This ingenious drink makes use of a coffee by-product, which is great news for the coffee industry: not only is it eco-friendly, but farmers can increase their income without planting extra crops.

And, just like with specialty coffee, different varietals have different flavour profiles – meaning there’s a wealth of coffee flower teas for us to explore. From Geisha’s lemony zest to Bourbon’s jasminesque sweetness, there’s bound to be a coffee flower tea to match your mood.

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But what actually is coffee flower tea? And how do you brew it? Find out in this video explanation and brew guide from Has Bean.

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Simple but delicious: we’re sold!

Thanks to Has Bean Coffee for providing educational coffee resources. Feature Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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