May 12, 2016

A VIDEO Guide to the Berry Borer: One of Coffee’s Biggest Pests


You’ve heard of the disastrous coffee leaf rust, and now it’s time to learn about one of the biggest pests in the business: the berry borer, aka la broca. This little beetle may only be small, but it’s wreaking some serious havoc in the coffee industry.

This insect crawls its way into our precious coffee cherries, lays its eggs, and then devours the cherry. According to National Geographic, it’s led to a loss of around 300 million dollars in Brazil alone.

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So how does this la broca operate? This short and sweet synopsis from Paper Plane Coffee explains it.

But how does a tiny beetle get inside a cherry? This fly-on-the-wall clip shows the little insect scurrying around the cherry, analysing every part of the skin to find its entry way into the heart of the berry.

This final clips shows the utter devastation the berry borer can cause. The females lay their eggs inside the cherry and, after they’ve hatched, the larvae will then eat the coffee and destroy the bean. Let’s just say that it’s not pretty. 

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Feature Photo Credit: Paper Plane Coffee Co

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