April 11, 2016

SCAA Atlanta: Why YOU Should Participate in the PDG Coffee Bag Exchange


Roasters, baristas, producers, do you want to discover new coffee? Would you like to share your own coffee with someone new? And are you going to be at SCAA Expo, Atlanta 2016?

If you said yes to all three questions, then we have the perfect opportunity for you: the Perfect Daily Grind Coffee Bag Exchange.

Bring a bag of your own roasted coffee to the Gold Mountain Coffee Growers booth (number 1053) to exchange it with someone you’ve never met before. Not only will you walk away with a different bag, but you’ll get the chance to directly engage with the person you’re swapping with – sharing your knowledge of the producer, the best brewing techniques, and the reason why this coffee is so damn awesome.

Why Take Part in the PDG Coffee Bag Exchange?

Try a bag of coffee that’s travelled all around the globe. Thousands of people attend this event for the purpose of sharing, discovering, and enjoying coffee – let’s make the most of it!

1. Make even more awesome coffee friends and connections. I mean, you like friends, right? And you like coffee, right?

2. Get exposure: all coffees, with photos, will appear in a Perfect Daily Grind article; on our Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope; and on our new feature, the #PDGLive page. Send us pictures of you brewing and/or drinking the coffee, along with your cupping notes, for even more exposure.

3. Have FUN. Because what’s more fun than getting a surprise coffee present?

friends enjoying coffee

What’s better than making coffee connections? Credit: @smedleyshots

What Do You Need to Do?

Taking part in the PDG Coffee Bag Exchange is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Bring a bag of AWESOME roasted beans to SCAA.
  2. Meet us at booth 1053, ready to drink some coffee!

pouring coffee on someone

Bring your game face. Credit: @smedleyshots

The Details

Where: Gold Mountain Booth, number 1053

When: 12:00–15:00 on the 15th April

Enquires: Drop us an email at info@perfectdailygrind.com

Please note, this is only available to those attending SCAA. Not coming to SCAA but still want to take part in a global coffee exchange? Check out Third Wave Wichteln.

coffee cherries brix

It will serve as an opportunity to informally exchange ideas related to coffee production, processing and roasting. Credit: @goldmtncoffee.

Special Thanks

Thanks to the awesome guys at @goldmtncoffee for allowing us to take over their booth for this event. We couldn’t have a better event sponsor, because they represent everything we love about the third wave coffee scene.

Gold Mountain is a direct trade social enterprise who also happen to have their own specialty coffee farm. Their goal is to connect coffee producers with roasters, promote planet-friendly farming practices, and invest in the communities they work with.

They’ve set up some amazing initiatives, including free computer classes for female coffee-producing youths, giving access to credit, and purchasing a rainforest so as to protect the wildlife inside of it. For more information about Gold Mountain, click here.

butterfly in coffee cherries

A naturally processed coffee so sweet that even butterflies want some. Credit: @goldmtncoffee

Feature Photo Credit: @smedleyshots