March 15, 2016

Video: How to Make 9 National Coffees in 180 Seconds


Most of us coffee aficionados love to travel. So whilst globe trotting, it might be worth sampling a couple of the below beverages. They’re certainly not ‘specialty’, but hey, when in Rome! (Or Athens or Hanoi or Dublin…)

Although we’re not sold on how traditional these beverages really are, it’s fascinating to think about the cultural relevance attached to something as simple as a national drink .

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Take the Portugese Mazagran, for example, which is believed to have originated from an Algerian fortress named Mazagran. During the 1840 war, French Foreign Legion soldiers used water in their coffee in the absence of brandy or milk and took the beverage cold to counter the scorching heat.

Later on, the Portugese made the drink their own by adding lemon.

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