December 14, 2015

Holiday Sweepstakes: 3 Month Subscription to Black Box Tasting Experience


Hey guys, it’s time for Round 2! When we at Perfect Daily Grind say thank you, we truly mean it. So, to show you just how much we appreciate you all we partnered with Angels’ Cup to give one lucky winner:

A 3-Month Subscription to The Black Box Coffee Tasting Set.

1 Black Box (four 2.75oz bags) per Month

See below to enter this WORLDWIDE giveaway.

Angles Cup Black Box Coffee Subscription

The Ultimate Coffee Subscription

Black Box? Sounds mysterious. It is. Angels’ Cup provides a coffee subscription like no other with their blind coffee tastings. That’s right, each box is a mystery. It works like this: four 2.75oz bags of coffee get shipped to your door, you taste them knowing nothing about them, then you use the numbers on the bottom of each bag to identify it and compare your notes with professional roasters! Pretty cool, huh? We thought so too.

Angels Cup Black Box

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