December 23, 2015

Dating a Coffee Lover? 5 Things You Need to Know


Is your lover also a coffee lover? You might think they’re just a standard person – well, except for the fact that they’re gorgeous… and funny… and a good kisser – but you’re wrong. VERY wrong. We coffee lovers take our coffee seriously. And that’s going to impact on you.

In a good way, we hope. You might find yourself exasperated sometimes, but slowly you’ll find yourself sharing their coffee, understanding their perspective, and maybe even becoming a coffee lover yourself.

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So whether it’s the different brewing methods they use at home, scouting a new city for great coffee, or simply their tendency to ramble on and on about everything related to the bean, here are 5 things you can expect when dating a coffee drinker. Find out what it takes to keep up with their coffee love – and what you can learn from them.

Coffee date

Flat white? Long black? Let them guide you into coffee wonderland. Credit: @one_flat_white_please

They Don’t Just Drink Coffee, They Celebrate It

There’s more to coffee than just that strong, bitter cup of joe that raises you from the dead every morning. In fact, their morning routine is drastically different from what you might expect. For them, preparing coffee is a calming and mindful ritual. Those wonderful aromas and exquisite notes ease them into the new day.

So when you date a coffee drinker, making coffee in the morning might take more time. Simply throwing a few scoops of ground coffee into the coffee maker and turning the switch on? Nope.

But measuring the exact amount of beans, grinding them, preparing your V60 filter, and slowly pouring water over the fresh coffee grounds? Yes please!

And true, this might take you around ten minutes… but you’re left with an exceptional cup of coffee, an appreciation of all the work that went into producing your beans, and – most importantly – a beautiful morning ritual that you can share with your favorite coffee addict.

morning brew

The calming smell of blooming coffee… Credit: @sinjesonnenschein

You Start to Dislike Your Standard Coffee Machine

No doubt the new coffee drinker in your life will have all kinds of coffee equipment. You’ll try out the French press, the AeroPress, the Chemex (damn, not only does it make great coffee, but it also LOOKS classy!), and more.

And after you’ve experienced some of these brews, you’ll eye your traditional filter coffee maker or capsule machine and realize… it simply doesn’t taste as good. Sure, it’s convenient, but the flavor notes you can achieve with a V60 or Chemex are miles ahead of that standard coffee machine.

But you know what? Becoming aware of this difference is a big step towards appreciating better coffee. You’ll start to distinguish new tastes in your coffees and can find out what you like. Prefer the fruity ones? Or like the chocolate and caramel notes? Great. Now you can share your lover’s passion.

When you become thirsty for even more coffee knowledge (pun intended), experiment with brewing techniques. Why not try the same coffee as an Aeropress or Clever Dripper and compare?

When it comes to coffee, there’s so much to learn and discover – and that’s one of the most beautiful things about it.

chemex and cup

Those curves…. Aren’t they beautiful? Credit:

Coffee Comes First – Literally

“Go out? Sounds great! But first, let’s have a coffee.”

When you’re dating a coffee drinker, you might hear this a lot. Sometimes, coffee lovers need a little persuasion. Want to take them for a walk in the park, to explore the city, or meet your parents? Sure, they’d love to. After another cup of coffee. Yes, coffee drinkers usually insist on their cup of coffee in the morning or before facing the great big world outside.

So what can you do? Use your new-found knowledge on how to prepare a great pour-over for the two of you to serve in bed or promise to grab coffee on the way. And before you say “Pacamara”, they’ll be dressed, smiling, and ready to go on caffeinated adventures with you.

coffee in bed

Coffee in bed is the way to every coffee lover’s heart. Credit:

Sightseeing Routes Might Take Small Detours

So the two of you are on a weekend trip, ready to soak in everything about the new city. But the most exciting part for the coffee drinker in your life? Finding that tucked away local coffee gem. Nothing is more exciting for a coffee enthusiast to try out new coffee, have a chat with the baristas, or finally visit the coffee shop they have heard so much about already.

So be prepared to find not only the interesting museums, buildings, and streets marked on your map, but also those little dots guiding you to your next great cup of coffee. Sure, some of them might not be next to that big shopping street or the art gallery. They’ll be a little off the beaten track – but the great thing about this is that you will see more than just the touristy bits. You’ll get to know something of the true character of the place you’re visiting.

And yes, you might get lost, but with a delicious coffee to go no adventure is too big for you two lovebirds.

latte in edinburgh

Coffee tourism is the best kind of tourism. Credit: @olivebranch91

Coffee Is Their Favorite Topic

When you date someone who is as dedicated to coffee as you are to your family, you’ll notice that they talk about it a lot. Like, a lot. Whether it’s a delicious new roast they tried or an upcoming coffee convention, they’ll want to share it with you – because ultimately, coffee is their passion.

And as an enthusiast about coffee, they belong to a wonderful community – a worldwide network of baristas, roasters, farmers, coffee shop owners, and other coffee lovers. Their instagram feed is probably packed with beautiful shots of latte art, they’re a member of at least 5 coffee-related groups on facebook, and, of course, they love taking pictures of all things coffee themselves.

The great thing about this? You can learn so much about this beautiful drink. You’ll connect with others with the same passion (*cough*obsession*cough*) from all around the world.

instagram coffee photo

No, you can’t drink that yet – I need to take a photo first! Credit: @squarepad

Of course, dating someone who’s really into coffee doesn’t mean you have to become the next World Barista Champion or an expert in cupping. But dating a coffee drinker will definitely show you how much there is to learn about everything related to coffee. You’re going to develop a better understanding of brewing methods and flavor profiles of different coffees – if you haven’t already – and begin to appreciate the dedication that goes into the production of every single bean. And this is only going to bring the two of you closer together.

Besides, let’s be honest, who can say no to the charming enthusiasm of an over-caffeinated coffee lover?

Let us hear about your experiences with your very own coffee addict!

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