September 9, 2015

5 Reasons Cafés Are Perfect Places to Do Work


There’s something enchanting about spending a morning at a coffee shop. The humdrum of people, the coffee grinder at work, the sweet coffee aroma hitting you at the most opportune moments, and the subtle music playing in the background all add up to the perfect work moment.

We’re not the only people to think so. For café-lovers, a businessperson in the corner booth with their laptop open or a freelance designer, headphones in, getting some design inspiration is a common sight. Working from coffee shops is a fast-growing trend that coffee shop owners have (for the most part) welcomed with open arms.

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But why are coffee shops so appealing to workers? Are there actually any benefits to moving your office to the nearest coffee shop?

Well, it turns out, yes—5 of them, in fact.

1. It’s All About That Buzz: A Sensory Experience

It turns out it’s not just the caffeine buzz that’s important—a literal buzz will also boost your productivity. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that noise similar to that at a coffee shop (about 70 decibels) enhances both creativity and productivity.

This has led to apps mimicking the sounds of coffee machines, the buzz of people, and the music playing in the background—but why use an app when you could take your work to a local coffee shop and entice your brain with the real deal? Not only will you benefit mentally, but you’ll be sure to get a great tasting coffee to top off the experience. 

working in a cafe

The background noise might be just what you need to get work done.

2. Grab a Coffee or Two… or Three!

Two words: caffeine and endorphins. These chemicals are what makes your coffee love so good for you. Getting out of the office to grab a cup of your favourite coffee may just stimulate the positive endorphins your brain needs to get through those afternoon meetings—especially if you’re feeling happy about it being ethically sourced, like so much specialty coffee is.

Then, there’s the caffeine. Not only will it provide a boost of energy, but it’s been found to assist in healthy digestion and positively impact overall physical and mental health. That should be more than enough reason to grab several coffees while working at a coffee shop.

Laptop, camera and latte

 Just try not to get distracted by Facebook when you’re working…

3. Banish Artist’s Block

Suffering from artist’s block? When you’re sitting in a coffee shop, there’s stimuli coming from all directions. Not only will the trip there clear your head, but the change of environment will encourage creative inspiration. You might hear a song or a conversation, read something, see a piece of artwork, or even taste something that sparks a new idea.

In a corporate career? Are you an accountant or a HR consultant who relies less on inspiration and more on facts? Going out to a coffee shop might just be the perfect way to get more balance in your daily life.

Coffee + laptop + notebook

Coffee + laptop + notebook. What more do you need?

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4. Get Networking

Coffee shops are such a great place for networking. What with the quality coffee, the sweet and savoury treats, and the lack of a need to make reservations, they can be the perfect place for casual business meetings with clients.

On the other hand, they can also be an excellent place to meet new people. Who knows who you might meet at the counter or sit next to? 

people working on their laptops in a café

Coffee shops are great for doing collaborative work.

5. Support the Coffee Industry

When you work at a café, you’re not just helping yourself—you’re also helping others. As the specialty coffee culture grows, more and more jobs are being created. You’re supporting your local baristas and café owners (who may, in turn, end up being your clients!) as well as farmers all over the world. What better reason could you have to introduce associates to your favourite café, have your next strat meeting in one, or just head into one with your laptop? 

Working in a café

Working in cafés is a win-win situation: everyone benefits.

So next time you have a ton of work to do, pick up your stuff, get out of the office, and find a café. You might be surprised at how effective it is…

Perfect Daily Grind.