May 22, 2015

Is Coffee & Music the Perfect Addiction?


Listening to music was made a lot easier in the last 10-20 years, first came CDs, then mp3s, and finally with all those streaming services like Spotify, or SoundCloud…you name it. Music became an easy, always accessible source of quick entertainment. Whether you want to find childrens songs on youtube or stream the latest Hot Hits, music is pretty easy to find. We don’t buy albums anymore, we skip tracks we don’t like, just this song here and this song there. Music kinda lost the meaning it had back in the day. Music collections have lost the meaning they once had.

The same goes for coffee. Coffee is everywhere you go, nowadays. There are vending machines for coffee at schools, hospitals, gas stations and so on and so on. You even have those capsule machines where you can make a coffee in a few seconds at home. Coffee shops are everywhere – the big coffee companies have a coffee shop on every corner, in every big city, it seems.

Spanish Version: ¿Son el café y la música la adicción perfecta?

Both coffee and music became a bulk commodity. Everywhere to find, easy to get and enjoy quickly. Unfortunately, these experiences are just as easy to forget, once the moment has passed.

But, there is a change happening now, in both of those areas all over the world. With increasing sales on vinyl in the last years, with the so-called Third Wave Coffee movement all over the globe, a shifting back to valuing quality is in progress.

Girl holding vinyl in front of her face. Photo: BiscuiTsi

The face of coffee and music is changing. Credit: BiscuiTsi

We as coffee lovers are spending so much time brewing our coffee, we search the internet for new roasts, we have all this specialised equipment at home for brewing, we made a ritual out of the coffee making process. We use different grounds for different methods, we let the ground bloom, we take our time to develop the brew, we test with various water temperatures. We use gadgets and apps to secure we have the best possible brew every time we make our coffee.

kalita wave brewing ritual

The moment water hit the freshly ground beans, it resembles the moment the needle hits the starting groove. Credit: Dennis Tang

Why Not Combine Coffee with Another Thing We Love? Another Ritual?

Picking up a record from the shelf, which one to choose? What would fit this particular morning? Maybe some soothing electronic sounds to wake us up easily? Or maybe some thrash metal for that fast wake up if you need to be up in a second.

Once we decided the morning’s soundtrack, we slide the record out of its sleeve and dust up the vinyl. We place the record on the turntable, pick up the needle and gently set it in the starting groove. The faint crackling sound when the needle is dropped seems reminiscent of enjoying a great coffee bloom; we’re filled with an energy of anticipation. And then music starts and you sit down and enjoy every minute of the song, because there is no skip button. When the first side is finished you have to stand up to flip the vinyl and start side B. Or just start all over again.

vinyl record playing. music ritual.

That meditative moment when the record starts to spin and the music starts.

Alone, these experiences of coffee and vinyl appreciation are moments to embrace and enjoy. By combining our specialty coffee — freshly ground and brewed with love — with music we enrich the experience of both. The coffee tastes better when we relax into the listening experience; the music sounds richer as we pace ourselves with savoury sipping.

This combination becomes a meditative moment that we don’t get from listening to some mp3’s on a computer or drinking a capsule coffee. The whole handiwork involved in brewing and preparing the record for the turntable becomes a ritual.

Every Saturday morning I go to my record shelf, look at the collection of my records and choose an album. Then select coffee from the kitchen cabinet, the brewing starts and when finished, the record keeps spinning and I sit down and enjoy both, the coffee and the vinyl. Maybe just start the record all over again after the first spin. Just give it time to sink in, savouring every aspect of the coffee while listening to the music and blend out every day life.

This is my ritual, and it’s an easily adopted practice I recommend this for music lovers who love coffee, and coffee lovers who love music.

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coffee cup and mug holders. vinyl.

Combine the two – vinyl mug holders.

Article edited by N. Bhatt.

Perfect Daily Grind.