April 29, 2015

The Trinity ONE Brewer – the Multi-Brewer Experience


Currently there is a multitude of brewing devices on the market and plenty more sure to emerge. While most of these devices offer somewhat of a contrast in brew results, most are only designed to serve one particular function. Our previous article on the Brewover explained how it combined three features into the one device. We hoped this would be something we would see in other devices yet to emerge. Now the Trinity ONE brewer is offering its own unique multi-brewer experience. Coincidentally also emerging out of Brisbane, Australia (what on earth are they putting in the coffee in Brisbane?).

The Trinity ONE brewer has been engineered on the concept of a pressure brewer (like the AeroPress), pourover device and small cold brewer. Mark Folker is the engineer behind this vogue and classy device we’d all love to get a hold of.

“The Trinity ONE is a project which I have invested in heavily over the last 16 months – in funds, time and energy. My motivation has been fuelled by my original vision for the Trinity ONE – that is, to create a high quality brewing device,Trinity ONE brewer for high quality coffee!”

Trinity One Coffee maker

Credit: Trinity Coffee Co

Stylish and Sexy but What’s It Made Of?

The Trinity ONE sure does boast a classy and high-quality build. The sleek look of the metal stand and the finely crafted wooden pieces all scream ‘coffee snob’. The brewing parts themselves are all quality pieces too. The brewing chamber is double-walled for improved insulation and thermal stability whilst brewing. The outer chamber is made of thermal resistant glass; while the inner chamber is a BPA free heat resistant plastic.

Trinity ONE Coffee Brewer filter head

Credit: Trinity Coffee Co

What Are Its Brewing Functions?

The inner chamber is almost identical to an AeroPress, except for one crucial detail. It has a conical opening on top, like a pourover device, in order to suit different types of pourover filters. The stylish portafilter like handle at the bottom which houses the circle filters also works like a valve to control the flow of the brew. You can close it off entirely for cold brewing. This device has an impressive line-up of functions but it also has another trick up its sleeve.

So occasionally every AeroPress lover has had a feud with his plunger…You were pushing on an angle and your AeroPress went flying or your plunger simply refuses to go down as normal today (yes I am looking at you people using Turkish grind in an AeroPress). The Trinity ONE boasts an exceptional looking “press cylinder”, but it’s not just for show. Folker has solved your pressing problems with a press cylinder that has a bit of weight behind it, but also works in conjunction with an O-ring so that you get the same pressure and press time with every brew thanks to friction and gravity. Yes that’s right, this process requires no assistance! Just sit back and watch the magic unfold. The standard O-ring will provide a press time of 45 seconds. If you have a specific press time that suits your total brew time, or simply wish to experiment, you can adjust the press time by swapping the O-ring on the press cylinder for a harder or softer one.

When and Where Can I Get One?

The Trinity ONE brewer will be available initially through Kickstarter as of the 1 May 2015 (GMT+10). Most importantly I’m sure you’re wondering how much it will cost. Well this all depends on how quick you are. The Kickstarter price of the Trinity ONE will be $300AUD ($235USD). However, if you are quick enough you can score a Trinity ONE brewer at a heavily discounted early bird price of $250AUD ($195USD). The Trinity ONE will surely be sought after by cafés and roasters so there will be a different price for those interested in wholesale purchases. Additional information will be provided on Kickstarter. We look forward to hearing your thoughts readers!

Trinity ONE Coffee Brewer

We’e excited. Credit: Trinity Coffee Co

Article edited by N. Bhatt.

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