March 20, 2015

Oscar Omar Alonzo, Finca Cual Bicicleta


He’s also a true character. Organic coffee farming & COMSA transformed his life, so he takes it upon himself to share his techniques and expertise with other local farmers. His farm’s name (‘which bicycle’) originated from the line of thought that when you’re on a bicycle, you have to keep pedalling, through both the good times and the bad (and never look back!).

His coffee is characterised by lime, tart, raspberry, pineapple, tropical and strawberries.

Want to buy his coffee? Head to Opus Coffee or Backyard Beans.

He’s a ‘hands on’ farmer. Oscar travels to the nearby lake and collects all the old coconut husks (which are considered rubbish), removes the plastics draws and carefully buries them.  The fibrous husks soak up water and ensure moisture is available to his coffee plants.

Here’s a short clip of Oscar & myself freestylin’ on our way to his farm.

If any roasters would like to contact Oscar directly, ping us an email and we’ll put you in touch: or add him on FB Oscar Alonzo.

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