March 19, 2015

2015 NZ AeroPress Championship Winning Recipe


On the 14th Feb 2015, the PDG’s newest coffee correspondent, D. Wang, headed to Ozone Coffee Roasters in New Plymouth, North Island for New Zealand’s first ever AeroPress championship. Some might have said that the occasion was the ideal setting for a caffeinated Valentine’s day date. All we know is that 18 participants prepared served some delicious coffees.

Baristas making chemex filter coffees

BK Kang and Michael Stevens. Credit: Michael CY Park

The winner was BK Kang, head barista at RAD café in Auckland. Originally from S.Korea, BK has been working in specialty coffee for the last 2 years. This guy studied Politics and Film in university, and has been a personal trainer as well as a barista. On top of all these, he’s also a dab hand at making barista aprons. Talented, right?

The Coffee

Santa Teresa Cabana Washed Geisha from Panama:

Farm: Finca Santa Teresa

Region: Volcan

Altitude: 1450 MASL

Process: Fully Washed

The Winning Recipe

Dose: 17.5g

Inverted AeroPress with paper filter

1st step: 50ml water (6.5Ph) at 92°C

2nd step: 30 seconds bloom

3rd step: add 50ml water, stir 7 times with teaspoon

4th step: add 150ml water

5th step: 60 seconds press down

Jury pointing at the winning cup of coffee

Judging the finals – a unanimous decision. Credit: Michael CY Park

Perfect Daily Grind.