January 20, 2015

Tips to Make the Perfect AeroPress Brew


Why (Aero)Press?

1. It’s scientifically slick – AeroPress creates a vacuum and uses air pressure to force water through the grinds & extract more flavour.

2. It’s unbelievably quick – the whole thing takes 90 seconds. The air pressure shortens the required brewing time.

3.  It’s a neat trick – look like a badass Barista!

What’s the Best AeroPress Brewing Method?

1. Wash AeroPress before with warm water – if you have time do a “blind press” to fully soak the filter & warm up the AeroPress.

2. Add filtered water to a kettle – water matters! It’s 90% of your coffee!

3. Grind your beans – somewhere in-between plunger and filter grind/slightly finer than a drip grind/between half and fully coarse.

4. Use AeroPress spoon and add desired amount of coffee to AeroPress container.

5. Pre-wet/saturate your filter paper with warm water. Why? This avoids the horrible papery taste. In addition, add warm water to your mug to avoid coffee becoming cold upon contact with the mug.

6. Pre-infuse for around 30 seconds – Add around 50ml of just below boiling water to the AeroPress container. Why? To saturate the grounds and force the C02/release gases from the ground.

7.  Add the rest of the water (remaining 170g of water), give it a little swirl/mix &  wait another 30 seconds – you can brew or “steep” the coffee for longer but be careful not to over extract!

8.  Do not fill AeroPress container to the top. Why? It will overflow when you put on the filter & lid.

9. Moisten rubber top on AeroPress, attach the filter and then the pressure plunge – gently push down on the plunger (takes around 15-30 seconds).

10. Do not press/plunge full distance – as it can extract too much bitterness! Stop when you hear a hissing sound.

Feeling Cheeky? Why Not Use the Inverted AeroPress Method? 

Why? – it stops hot water leaking through the filter and into the mug before the coffee has had time to brew!

How? – just pop the plunger upside down with the black rubber part touching the number 4 circle and the top of the plunger touching the table.

Add an Extra Filter on the Top AeroPress Container

Why? –   It was Andy Sprenger’s winning 2013 US AeroPress Championship method

How? – Add 8g of coffee to the extra filter and allow double brewing (it will brew again through the normal filter with 10g).

Here are three of our favourite AeroPress brewing tutorials:

Perfect Daily Grind.