January 20, 2015

How To Organise A National AeroPress Championship


We’re in the process of supporting Jonathan Ramirez & Barista Ramirez in their quest to organise the first ever Ecuadorian AeroPress championship.

We decided to document the entire organisation process. From initial emails to final AeroPress championship party. Why?

There are many countries out there who still want to or need to organise an AeroPress champ!

Barista with a aeropress filter

AeroPress Competition is all about having a laugh…

What Are the Steps?

Step 1:

Read the AeroPress official rules: http://worldaeropresschampionship.com/rules/

Step 2:

We contacted the AeroPress competition “boss” and he advised us to do the following –

Step 2 – Email tcvarney@gmail.com

Step 3:

1. Design a cool, fun, caffeinated poster to attract an AeroPress audience (make people want to compete)

2. Contact local AeroPress distributor for assistance in running the competition (expenses of the event)

3. Organise sponsorship budget  for winner’s   to fly out to Seattle and represent in the World Championship.

4. Organise Specialty Coffee sponsorship to provide coffee for the event and issue samples to all registered competitors (prior to the event)

5. Organise judges to judge what cup tastes best.

The World AeroPress championship rounds

The World AeroPress championship rounds…

We will keep readers posted on the progress of the event organisation…

This is an outline of what needs to be done so if anyone (Specialty Coffee Roasters, Ecuadorian Coffee Shops, Coffee Importers & Coffee Fincas) in Ecuador can help us out, please contact us at perfectdailygrind@gmail.com or contact Barista Ramirez directly via Facebook.

Perfect Daily Grind.