January 20, 2015

Ethiopia, Hunda Oli Specialty Coffee

drying coffee beds in Ethiopia

Drying tables in Agaro, Ethiopia.

“Hunda Oli” is a new 128 farmer co-operative located in the forests of Agaro, Limu in Western Ethiopia. Small-holder farmers typically tend to 1 hectare shade-grown plots in a uniquely wild setting. Wild? Yes! The coffee is grown at 2000m under old-growth indigenous forests that have aged without significant unnatural interference and therefore exhibit unique ecological features.

This wild vista paired with the assistance of TechnoServe (an NGO supporting farmers) has produced a deeply complex, washed and sun-dried, coffee.

moving fermenting coffee in Ethiopia

Overnight fermentation, after pulping and mechanical demucilaging.

So, How Does It Taste?

I tried AeroPress, V60 and Kalita Wave. The Kalita Wave unleashed the coffees true potential so that’s what I’ll focus on.

This was a real “coffee geek” coffee. Like nothing i’ve ever drank before. When I first opened the bag, I was hit with an intense intoxicating aroma. My non-coffee drinking housemate said it smelt ” like jasmine rice”, and he was right – it smelt like Jasmine infused with honey.

As I drank my first cup, the coffee was a real challenge to one’s pallet. I couldn’t place the precise fruits or flavours. So, I resorted to the Urban Roast “cupping notes” and it all became clear.

At first sip, a fruity sweetness colonised the taste buds at the front of the tongue. The fruit wasn’t zesty nor citrusy but tasted like plum or melon, and the sweetness was more complex than sugar –  it was a nectar, a deep and rounded floral honey.

Then the next “wave” of flavour crashed against the back of my tongue. It was a refreshing “black tea” flavour. The  “tea” flavour added a new dimension to the cup, it wasn’t fruity sweet nor bitter or harsh, it was “bittersweet”. This bittersweet taste lingered after drinking, offering a long refreshing aftertaste.

This medium bodied coffee offered a balanced and clear cup with a thin mouthfeel. A real treat for a coffee explorer who enjoys drinking with an ‘aerated slurp”. Also, for those who prefer a sweeter cup, add a splash of semi-skimmed milk for a softer and honey-sweet cup.

ethiopia hunda oli

The Urban Roast Coffee Company.

To purchase this 100% arabic wild forest grown coffee. Head to The Urban Roast Coffee Company and use  the discount code INST01 and get 15% discount off your coffee direct to your door.

Washed and sundried coffee

Washed and sundried

How Did I Brew It?

How much? 26g coffee, 400g water
Brew time? 3:00-3:15
Grind? Between Filter and AeroPress (M 7 on Vario home or 6.5 on Ditting KR 804)

The Recipe (from Kaffikaze)

1. First a bloom, 50g water. Stir slightly to ensure wetness of grounds,

2. At 0:30 – 1st (circular/spiralling inwards) pour up to 200g.This should take 30-37 seconds, pour, until timer shows 1:07

3.Wait until 1:36 before starting next pour – grounds should be visible through the shallow water at this point. Then pour up to 400g from 1:36-2:20

It should be done filtering at 3:00-3:15 if the grind setting is correct.

The Kalita Wave from above

The Kalita Wave.

Here is a video of the typical Ethiopian washing and drying process. The Hunda Oli coffee process is actually slightly different. The cherry is pulped before being put on the drying tables.

Perfect Daily Grind.