January 20, 2015

Coffee Geek Heaven – 3 in 1 Pour Over, Cold Drip & Cold Brew Device

New Australian 3 in 1 pour over, cold drip & cold brew device

New Australian 3 in 1 Pour over, Cold Drip & Cold Brew Device Could Soon Enter the Market…

Attention all coffee lovers, haven’t you always wanted to mash together your Hario Cold Brewer, Cold Drip Tower & Chemex/V60 into one simple & easy to use device? Well, two ingenious Australian specialty coffee roasters have devised the solution with their new ‘Brewover’ device.

This is the first ever design to bring you all 3 brewing functions in one device: pour over, cold drip and cold immersion brewing.

How to Get One?

You can secure one for approximately $55US for early pledgers via Kickstarter. That´s a significant saving if you ever wanted to purchase each separate devices for those functions. There are several purchase reward packages to choose from,  no matter where you are in the world. Shipping is $30 to anywhere international (including tracking and airmail).

3 in 1 Pour over, Cold Drip & Cold Brew Device

Birth of the Brewover: `Third´Wave Coffee Revolution

What made the discovery of this device more exciting was that our coffee correspondent, Alonso, was one of the first people to ever see the device in person. The two Australian coffee connoisseurs who designed the Brewover, Simon Lucas of Manna Beans, and Brendan Baxter of Bean Green are from Alonso´s home city of Brisbane. This means that we are the first to land an exclusive interview with one of the creators, Simon, at the Manna Beans Roastery.

Man standing next to sacks of coffee

Simon at the Manna Beans roastery, Brisbane.

What was the motivation behind the initial inception of the Brewover and why had you kept it a secret?

There were several factors that led to a 3 in 1 design, but one in particular stood out. The Australian coffee scene up until the last few years has predominantly been an espresso coffee culture. The surge in popularity of filter coffee brewing methods such as pour over, cold brew & cold drip in specialty café’s sparked a large interest in filter brewing at home amongst many coffee lovers. The evolution of coffee brewing is not just happening here in Australia, but all over the world. Despite the availability of many devices to make these brews at home, I thought it was unfair that consumers should have to spend in excess of $200 to be able to enjoy an elegant yet simple to prepare coffee. It sparked the idea to design a 3 in 1 device, but with the added twist of a valve controlled pour over method.

Coadding coffee to filter coffee maker

The Brewover is certainly a unique device due to its multi-functionality, but what else about the design makes it stand out?

Instead of only utilising the control valve of the Brewover for cold drip coffee, the unique control valve that we incorporated gives the user the chance to experiment with pour over flow rate down to each drop. This is something that no other pourover device offers. We believe that filter coffee brewing has so much potential. There is room for method experimentation for pour over’s with this device, which opens up a whole new level of brewing.

Adding hot water to coffee

The problem with many filter brew devices is that they need extra care to maintain and clean. Does the Brewover help cut down on cleaning time and also, is it durable?

Brendan and I are not just roasters of course, we live, drink and breathe coffee too. As consumers ourselves we knew we would design the Brewover in a way that eliminates long cleaning routines and the chance of breaking. Every component of the Brewover can be disassembled, down to the valve itself for when you would like to clean out any coffee oils. The pour over cone, which is compatible with a variety of household name filters on the market, is simply removed and rinsed after disposing of your paper filter and grounds. The jug itself is made of high quality, thick Pyrex borosilicate heat resistant glass. The other components such as the valve, cone and housing, are all BPA free and made to withstand hot temperatures.

 Adjust flow valve on Brewover

The Brewover has started to gain some momentum on Kickstarter. Can you tell usmore about the target goal and start-up costs for production?

Brendan and I have actually invested a bit of money into the Brewover already in terms of engineering, design and prototype costs. The $65 000AUD Kickstarter goal is over half the figure of what we need to start manufacturing. We have the means to invest the rest ourselves if the goal is reached before the end of the campaign. We did not like the idea of simply launching an early prototype onto the market. We have actually tested the final Brewover model for the last few months and the results are fantastic. Through our engineer’s manufacturing contacts we were able to find a trusted and reputable manufacturer who will ensure a quality production of our batches, if this Kickstarter goal is reached. We guarantee a quality product. I thank all those have pledged their support already and are confident we can deliver the first batch between April and March 2015.

Brewover and cup

With only 24 days remaining on the Kickstarter campaign’s timeline as of this publication date, the Brewover currently has just over $24 500 (40%) pledged of the total goal needed. We would love to see this device hit the market and offer us coffee geeks some serious savings. So help spread the word to friends, family, social networks (even if you don’t intend to pledge yourself) and let’s reward these Aussie roasters for bringing us a brilliant brewing device with a lot to offer.

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